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100% Home-made
Chunky Chocolate Cookies 800g

Chunky Chocolate Cookies 800g


"Taste the magic of these dreamy, golden brown cookies that are crispy on the outside and chewy, chocolatey on the inside. You will definitely be left craving for more."

- Tessa Jose, Foodie Artisan


    Available only in Bangalore (Any orders from outside Bangalore will be refunded after deducting 3% towards admin charges) | Made to order only | Minimum batch size as mentioned in product name | Approx 35g per cookie | Delivered 2-3 days from order.


    Foodie will contact customer after order confirmation with shipping choices: Customer pickup from Foodie's address | Dunzo to customer arranged by customer | *Dunzo to customer arranged by Foodie.
    (*Charges borne by customer).

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100% Home-made


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