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100% Home-made
Tessa's Strawberry Preserve 275g

Tessa's Strawberry Preserve 275g


"Sun ripened, fresh strawberries are in season. Tessa's fresh batch of Strawberry Preserves capture the rich, original flavours and goodness of this juicy fruit. Best enjoyed with whipped cream, ice cream, yogurt or plain toast. Blend with chilled milk for a delightful strawberry shake."

- Tessa Jose, Foodie Artisan


    Available all over India | Made from seasonal fruits.


    Foodie will contact customer after order confirmation with shipping choices: Customer pickup from Foodie's address | Dunzo to customer arranged by customer | *Dunzo to customer arranged by Foodie | *Courier arranged by Foodie.
    (*Charges borne by customer)

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100% Home-made


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